le ligueur
On the way ! Fun, there was. We will come back to it in the course of our Favorites in the coming months. Know already that Le Ligueur warmly recommends you the following shows, which will have to darken from their programming: The Odyssey, #VU, Zazie !, 2h14, Two suitcases for Canada, Daraya, It is where the A of Zebu? , 10: 10, Grou, Qui vive! ... and others! This 2018 edition will have proposed more dance than before. Good! As choreographer Caroline Cornélis reminded at the closing ceremony: "Schedule dance! Trust the children! ". And she is right because where, often, we, adults, seek to understand at all costs, they will let illico touch by the poetry, the metaphors, the subtle ... So, on the way!