Laurence Bertels, La Libre Belgique, August 2015

Choreography by Caroline Cornélis, "Stoel" by the company Nyash offers children an aerial and fun dance, original and constructed, in osmosis with the musical creation of Claire Goldfarb and Arne Van Dongen whose contemporary notes and harmonious weave the backdrop of a relationship to two, between smiles, interjections, games of power or submission. In duet or solo, the dance invites itself, space of expression for Miko Shimura, savagely slender, and for Colin Jolet who, humble smile, reveals himself and opens before uniting to his partner for a mirror exchange, synchro and intoxicating. Dangerous exercise, contemporary dance for children often boredom or excess. Here it is pure and light, narrative and an accomplice, elegant and funny, lively and cheerful.