from 3 years old

On the set, chairs ... to the beat of cello and voice two dancers revisit these familiar objects. They organize, transform, cross these spaces. By settling there, by sharing it in various ways, the chair becomes playground, ground of all the audacities, all the meetings.

From its stability as well as its imbalances, between lightness and brutality, between construction and deconstruction, dance arises ...

Stoel takes as a starting point this sentence of Jean-François Pirson, an artist-educator who mixes various practices (drawing, photo, installation, text, walk)." The space of oneself that unfolds towards the other ; the individual who, neither quite nomadic nor quite sedentary, is looking for a place to be. ".

Prize of the Minister of Childhood, Joëlle Milquet, and favorite of the press, Rencontres de Huy 2015. Critics Prize Theater and Dance 2016 in the category "young audience".